The Compass Series

Who we are, what we do, how we behave is driven by a compass deep within us. Consciously or unconsciously our compass influences our fulfilment (or lack of) in our lives. The 'compass' series will help you navigate your professional and personal growth. The courses stimulate, enlighten, challenge and build your reservoir of skills and know how.

Facilitation Compass Course

Navigate your way through a course of tips and tricks to become the ultimate facilitator. Learn where to start, what you will need, difficulties you may encounter, and how to keep your audience engaged. 

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Virtual Facilitation Course


In the 21st century, virtual facilitation is equally important as a real-life setting. Discover how to master the art of engaging audiences over a webcam environment. 

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Consulting Business Compass Course

In keeping with the compass metaphor this course provides you with the tools, insights and knowhow to navigate your path to setting up and running your own successful consulting business. Get ready for an  Interactive, Insightful, Inspiring journey to design your work and your life to realise your dream. 

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Leadership Compass Program

LIVE Program now available for 2024

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