Peter is a powerful guide in exploring effective leadership practices and a catalyst in illuminating new possibilities for participants of his programs.

Over thirty years ago Peter didn’t speak English. Immigrating from South Africa in the 80s with a whole different language under his belt, Peter is now a professional communicator for business and leadership development. 

Passionate about people’s wellbeing and mental health, Peter’s goal is to help people not just exist, but thrive. Active in serving his community, Peter is a presenter and speaker for the Black Dog Institution - an organisation focused on the mental health of Australians. 

This passion for helping people prosper is what makes Peter’s programs engaging and genuine. He has diverse experience with many organisations and industries, understanding how to reach an array of people at an individual level. 

Inspired by Psychology Guru’s such as Charles Handy and Martin Seligman, Peter embodies their philosophies of a holistic view on life and the power of positive psychology. He applies these ideas to his own workshops, focusing on his participants and the outcomes they can achieve. 

Peter believes in the possibilities and opportunities you can take from the life you have. As an optimistic that lives by the phrase ‘the world is your oyster’, you will always find Peter ready to take on the day…

Unless it’s high tide and perfect conditions on the bay - in which case you’ll probably find him kayaking on the water, rod in hand and smile on face.