In your Work and Life do you yearn for:

Meetings with direction and outcomes!
Workshops that end with clear actions!
Audiences who are energetic and interested!
Actively engaged and involved participants!
No more 'death by powerpoint' in meetings or workshops!

Turn your yearn to learn

the 'ART' of effective facilitation!

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"A skilled facilitator is like the sails of a ship. They help the team onboard to navigate to where they need and want to go, with no other objective than to help lead the team to their destination."

And LEARN HOW to open your sails and master the art of facilitation in:



Practical.. Insightful.. ResourceFULL.. 

What you will cover:

  • Get clear on what facilitation is and is not.
  • The skills of effective facilitators and how you 'stack up'.
  • The FIVE P's of facilitation you must know and do.
  • The FOUR steps to build blockbuster facilitation experiences for your audiences.
  • FIVE process facilitation tools to 'get results' for your audiences.
  • How to GRAB and keep your audiences attention.
  • How to TAP into and engage your audiences.
  • The EPIC formula for managing your audience's energy.
  • The 'must have' BAG of TRICKS in your facilitator's toolkit.
  • FIVE 'must do' steps to effectively close the facilitation process for your audiences.

Designed by a true master of facilitation

Peter, a professional facilitator, presenter, and coach, has over 20 years proven experience working with and facilitating outcomes with organisations, teams, groups of individuals. His skills in the creative design of facilitation and his ability to actively engage with his audiences and enable them to achieve results are next none. 

Peter consistently exceeds his clients' expectations and is consequently in high demand. 

Here's what some of his clients say:


"Peter is an officiado of facilitation. I've yet to see anyone who can engage, energise, and exceed participants' expectations of what they can achieve in their workshop."(Senior L&D Exec, Global Company)


"Your delivery style is just so exceptionally uncomplicated. You made us feel very at ease and certainly got the best out of us. You bring so much energy to the groups you work with and are always willing to go the extra mile." (Senior Exec, Global Company)


"The feedback from our people has been excellent. Thanks again for your excellent facilitation. We are making great progress with the team which you deserve much credit." (CEO International Agri Business)

You Got Me At 'Skills', I'll START NOW


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On the COUCH Coaching Tips

As well as Peter's video lessons, he also shares additional tips, insights and how to's to facilitate at the next level and perfect your delivery and performance as a professional facilitator.

The EIGHT On the Couch Coaching Tips include:

  1. Facilitating face to face and virtually
  2. Facilitation goes commercial
  3. Managing your and the Audience's ENERGY.
  4. Design as you Go
  5. Dealing with difficult behaviours
  6. Professionalism from start to end
  7. A peak into the facilitators toolkit 
  8. Dealing with disappointments

What Will You Learn?


Your Learning Journey

In this opening lesson, you will be introduced to the Facilitation Compass Course: 

  • How it works. 
  • The resources you will receive.
  • The importance of the compass analogy. 
  • How it can be completed and the importance of 'soak time' during your learning experience.


There are two core lessons in this category.  You’ll learn:

  • Where you currently 'sit' on the facilitation compass i.e. your 'facilitation preferences'
  • What facilitators do!
  • The skills and characteristics necessary for effective facilitation.

You’ll complete activities in both lessons. And will finish this category with a short assessment as a way of reinforcing the key learnings.  

You will also enjoy two bonus 'on the couch' coaching tip lessons. 1. Facilitating in the virtual world and 2. The commercial viability of facilitating.


Preparing for Success

This category includes two core lessons.  What you will learn:

  • The power of preparation. Here you will find out about FIVE P's you must consider and plan for in your facilitation.
  • Fundamental to effective facilitation is PROCESS. You will learn what that is, what it looks like, and how to incorporate into your planning.
  • You will complete activities to put these learnings into actions.
  • You can complete an assessment for this category to reinforce your learnings.

As a final touch -two more 'on the couch' coaching tips lessons are included to complement the core lessons. The topics are 1. 'Energy' and 2. 'Design as You Go'.


Blockbuster Facilitation

The 'rubber is certainly now hitting the road'. Over the three core lessons in this category, this is what you'll cover:

  • The core ingredients need to craft a winning facilitation experience for your clients/participants.
  • Considered thought and attention will be given to how you open your facilitation to instantly GRAB your audience's attention.
  • How to TAP into the energy of your audience and keep them engaged throughout.
  • How to put this all into practice using the downloadable activity guides.
  • Once again you will have a chance to take stock of what you have learnt and complete a short assessment.

The accompanying two 'on the couch' coaching tips lessons will give you valuable insights into 1. Dealing with difficult behaviours in your facilitation sessions and 2. Maintaining your professional edge from the 'get go' and beyond

CATEGORY 4 (continued...)

Special Effects

In the second part of this category, the three core lessons delve deeper into techniques for a masterful facilitation delivery. You will learn:

  • The EPIC formula. This proven and easy to follow method that helps you design the process for the activities you plan to use to guide your audience toward the outcomes for the session. Most importantly you will learn how to use this to manage your audience's energy.
  • What does the facilitator's 'kit bag' need to include. You will find out the 'bag of tricks' effective facilitators have in 'kit bags'.
  • Closing your facilitation is just as important as all the other design and delivery ingredients. You will cover the key ingredients used by professional facilitators to put the 'cherry on top' of their audience's experiences. 
  • Complete the final short quiz for the course to reinforce the all important learnings from these three lessons.

The final two 'on the couch' coaching tips lessons will round out this category with 1. Further tips and insights into the Facilitator's toolkit and 2. Dealing with some of the inevitable disappointments you may experience in your facilitation journey. 


That's a Wrap

In this final lesson you will:

  • Now be clear on what facilitation is and what makes a facilitator successful. 
  • The suite of blockbuster facilitation tools and techniques shared with you can be applied straight away.
  • Use your learnings from this Program to set and reset your compass for each facilitation service you will be delivering for your clients.
  • You'll be ready to walk the red carpet as you review and finalise your Blockbuster Facilitation Plan.

And of course every great production has a sequel. You will find out how you can continue to accelerate your mastery of your facilitation skills and techniques.

This is for ME

The Facilitation Compass Course Is For...

Well.... Who isn't it for??
Anyone (in all walks of life) who needs to lead a discussion with a group to achieve a specific result.
This includes:
  • Leaders at ALL Levels (Business and Community)
  • Consultants
  • Learning Professionals
  • Trainers
  • Project Managers
  • Teachers
  • Facilitators
  • Academics

What do you get?


Your Facilitation Compass Course includes:

  • Unlimited access to the course and course resources.
  • 25 x Lessons that take you from the 'get go' of facilitating to closing and post facilitation follow up.
  • 7 x Practical Activities to build your own facilitation plan PLUS Reflection Activities.
  • Facilitation Compass ebook which expands on the principles covered in the course.
  • Facilitation Compass Companion Resource 'Kit' complete with activities and tools you can use with your clients.
  • 5 x Assessments to help you reflect and reinforce what we cover.
  • PLUS 8 x Coaching tips where Peter shares specific 'how to's' of facilitating.


  • As a further BONUS you can accelerate your mastery of facilitation through real time one on one coaching with Peter.


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The FACILITATION COMPASS course is designed so that you can manage the pace and duration of this course to suit you and your learning style. Core to this course is the reflective component (to help you clearly determine your needs and strategies) and action planning activities (to help you craft your facilitation plans. Some participants like to go through all the lessons of the course in quick succession to get an overarching view of the course and then revisit each section to complete their activities and planning. Others prefer to 'tackle' each lesson at intervals completing each of the reflective components before moving to the next lesson. It is intentionally designed to be flexible to SUIT YOU.

How will the Facilitation Compass Course Benefit YOU?



Improve your success in helping teams and groups to achieve the outcomes they want.


Give you confidence to truly facilitate (not teach, lecture, instruct, or bore people) and transition to a mastery of the art of facilitation.


Empowers you to empower your clients/teams to develop and own their own solutions to issues/ problems/ opportunities. 


Enriches your abilities to communicate and engage with your audiences.


Increase your understanding and ability to plan and run effective workshops/ meetings/ sessions.


Expand your 'toolkit' of processes and practices to effectively facilitate groups.

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Your Investment Options

1. Facilitation Compass Course

Valued at $800

Unlimited access to the Facilitation Compass Videos, Resources, Activities INCLUDING future updates and additions.


2.Facilitation Compass Course + 90 minute live Coaching Experience 

Valued at $1,190.00

You can accelerate your mastery of facilitation with a significantly discounted additional offer to join Peter for a 90 minute one on one, personalised and dedicated live coaching experience.


Facilitation Compass Course


Valued at $800

  • Course Videos

  • Course Resources

  • Course Activities

  • Unlimited Access
  • INCLUDING future updates and additions.

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Facilitation Compass Course & Coaching Experience


Valued at $1,190

  • Course Videos

  • Course Resources

  • Course Activities

  • Unlimited Access
  • INCLUDING future updates and additions.

  • PLUS Value Added 90 minute live one on one coaching experience with Peter to  your focus on specific learning needs and accelerate your mastery of facilitation.
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