Engaging Peter

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Peter is a guiding light for leaders and their teams to strive and achieve positive outcomes for their business and their people. Whether it be business strategy, team development, tackling complex business challenges, or building capability, Peter's unique mastery of facilitation enables participants to collaborate, design and own the outcomes of the experience.

Working one on one with individuals across a range of professions and organisations, Peter, the coach, helps clients find clarity of purpose, direction and goals to achieve success both professionally and personally. Each coaching engagement is customised to suit the individual, what they need, and how it is most effectively delivered to accommodate their life demands.

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The audience is at the heart of Peter's keynote presentations. Using his wealth of experience both personally and professionally, Peter's goal is to engage, challenge and enlighten his audiences triggering them be the best they can be.

Businesses and organisations often need a deeper level of expertise to assist with effecting 'change' whether it be strategy, culture, people. Peter uses his wealth of corporate experience and professional know how to assist clients successfully craft and drive the change.

When's Pete available?

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