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Control Your Own Destiny

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Run Your Own Business


You've done the 'hard yards' building your skills and expertise. For many of us there is a yearning to be in more control of our work and our lives - a dream to run our own business. 

Taking the leap can be quite daunting and the dream is often 'parked' only to be overtaken by excuses and insecurities. 

The Consulting Business Compass Course is a practical 'how to' course that will propel you to make that leap.

As the compass metaphor suggests, the course provides you with the tools, insights and knowhow to navigate your path to setting up and running your own successful consulting business. 


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This Course is a rich blend of video and audio presentations, comprehensive downloadable resources and workbooks. Not only will you gain knowledge, more importantly you will enjoy the chance to reflect on you, your vision for your business, and how to put your learnings into action. 

Specifically, you will have unlimited access to:

*Peter's practical insights and advice, which are drawn from his lived experiences as owner and operator of his own consulting business for many years. These 'chestnuts', will provoke your thoughts and help you craft your action plans.

*Two comprehensive learning resources including:

  • A 50 page ebook complete with the how to's of running a successful consulting business.
  • An interactive NAVIGATION PLAN which guides you through 11 core activities to help you reflect and plan actions to achieve your dream. 

* A Learning Recap Activity to consolidate and reinforce your learnings.

*Four complimentary ebooks and journals to expand your mind and learnings. 

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You will find out more about what to expect in the Course and how to use the learning resources. Importantly, the key to this lesson is to explore your motivation behind setting up your own business.  


What is a consultant? What skills, traits, and mindset are critical? You will delve into your own profile and explore 'are you ready' and 'have you got what it takes'?


What's your WHY? Defining your unique why is essential for success. You will learn more about your why and how to define your brand and unique selling proposition. In setting up your business you will find out the different consulting business models and explore the one that might best suit you. 


Who are your Clients? Do you know your ideal Niche Market? In this lesson, you will learn how to determine your niche, how to attract clients, and obtain both practical and genuine tips and guidance about nurturing your clients. 


Maintaining and Growing your Business is key. How do you do that without losing your mind? This lesson explores strategies to achieve this and you will pinpoint those strategies relevant for your business. You will take stock of your most important asset and how to care for it. 


You have now worked out the why and the 'how to's' of establishing your own consulting business. The next step is making the move. What might hold you back? You will explore what can get in the way and work through plans to overcome them.


The focus is on REFLECTION and ACTION PLANNING. You will recap your learnings and consolidate your actions. You will have the chance to join the Consulting Business Coaching Program to Accelerate Your Success. 

How Long Does it Take to Complete?

The course is designed so that you can manage the pace and duration of this course to suit you and your learning style. Core to this course is the reflective component (to help you clearly determine your needs and strategies) and action planning activities (to help you create a robust plan to set up and/or reset your business). Some participants like to go through all the lessons of the course in quick succession to get an overarching view of the course and then revisit each section to complete their activities and planning. Others prefer to 'tackle' each lesson at intervals completing each of the reflective components before moving to the next lesson. It is intentionally designed to be flexible to SUIT YOU.

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Who is the Consulting Business Course Compass designed for?



The course will benefit anyone who has a DREAM to set up their own business, such as

  • Start up Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelance Professionals
  • Coaches
  • Individuals seeking to shift from employee to self employed
  • Individuals in career and life transition and looking to REFIRE their work and life.

It is also suited to those who may have already made the leap into their own business and are needing and wanting to RESET their business vision, goals, and strategies. 

Upon Completion of this Course, you will:

  1. Be clear about your motivation to run your own consulting business.
  2. Understand how you measure up against the skills, traits, and mindset needed to be a successful consultant. 
  3. Know your unique why, your brand, and your unique selling proposition.
  4. Clarify your niche market and how to nurture new and existing clients.
  5. Understand the strategies you can put in place to grow your business and maintain your wellbeing.
  6. Assess your readiness to make the move and overcome self imposed obstacles.
  7. Identify the trusted advisors, networks, mentors who can help and support you.
  8. Create comprehensive action plans to realise your dream.
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