Coaching Design Options

Working with individuals across a range of professions and organisations, Peter, the coach, helps clients find clarity of purpose, direction and goals to achieve success both professionally and personally. Each coaching engagement is customised to the needs of the client and delivered to best accommodate their work and life demands. All coaching experiences involve preliminary planning, the coaching sessions, review of agreed action plans and achievements 

Individual one-on-one coaching

Interval Coaching 
Clients can choose a coaching program that runs from 3 to 12 months, with one to two coaching sessions per month, depending upon their needs. The progressive style of this coaching option is ideal for clients seeking continuity, over time, to effect change with the guidance and support from their coach. Get in Touch Now.

Coaching Intensive
Clients participate in a full one day coaching session where they experience an intensive deep dive into their goals and clear plans of action for success. Ideal for clients seeking immediate clarity and focus on a specific opportunity or challenge. Get in Touch Now.

‘Just in Time’ Coaching
Clients enrol in a 12-month plan of unlimited, 15-minute coaching conversations with Peter. Ideal for Clients who need just in time support with specific opportunities or issues. Clients determine agreed plans of action and need to complete these actions before booking their next JIT Coaching session. Get in Touch Now.



Team Coaching

Teams often need an independent and impartial party to help them positively focus their energy and actions for the team. Similar to the individual one on one coaching, teams can elect interval, intensive or just in time coaching depending on their needs and the outcomes they are seeking. Get in Touch Now.