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Professional Compass

Browse through a selection of books that provide information, tips, and resources on progressing your professional practices.


Personal Compass

Below is a compilation of books which offer advice and tips to assisting the personal aspects of your life. 

Honourable Intent
Hope and Optimism
Positive Selfishness
This Is The Time Of Our Lives
Psychometric Tools & Assessments

Peter is professionally accredited to offer the following suite of psychometric tools and assessments to help you learn more about yourself - your strengths and opportunities to be even more effective and successful in life. Used by high profile organisations across the globe, these empirically, evidence based tools provide benefits including: understanding how people behave at work, different communications styles, how we react in conflict situations, identifying how to broaden and build your leadership capability. Peter incorporates these tools as part of the many services he offers including leadership development programs, executive coaching, team development.