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Self Talk in Pressure Situations

confidence Mar 01, 2022

Stress. Pressure. The hot seat. Whatever you call it we have all been there. Did you know that the self-talk you use to talk to yourself can affect the way you deal with pressure? We all want to be calm and collected when it counts. No one wants to crumble under pressure. Using positive empowering self-talk is one way to deal with pressure.

Self-talk has a powerful effect on our feelings. You can change your frame of mind with the right self-talk. It’s part of your mental game. Dealing with pressure is a process. You have more control over it than you think.
Our self-talk is not set in stone or based only on our temperament or natural-born ability to be mentally strong. You can learn to use effective self-talk to help you handle pressure. Practice using strong, motivating words. Nothing negative. Any kind of words that remind yourself that you can do it and that you have what it takes. The benefit of this is that using this kind of self-talk increases self-confidence, self- belief, and even courage at times when it counts.

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