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Destined to ?

control your destiny Jul 18, 2022

'Control your own Destiny' - sure it may be a well used 'cliche' headlining programs and literature on personal development and enrichment. Regardless, it is, for many, a holy grail to living a fulfilled life - the life WE want. Not a life prescribed by others.

It's actually not that elusive. Knowing our personal motivations (and they are different for each of us) and the driving forces that compel us to achieve what is important to us is KEY. Ultimately it gifts to us choices. Whether that be running our own business; freelancing; roles that offer us life balance, autonomy, specialisation, community engagement.

So....Questions for you:

Do you know what motivates and drives you?

Do you have a vision of the work and life you want?

For some more 'Brainfood' about a 'fulfilled life' go here to access a copy of 'Fuelling your Fulfilment'. Please feel free to share it with your family or friends.




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