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To Be or Not To Be!

be your own boss Jul 08, 2022

I was working through goals and aspirations with one of my executive coaching clients recently. When we delved deeper into her ‘dreams’ – her dream was to escape the corporate world and be her own boss. "Why?" I asked.

"I love my job," she said. "I don’t particularly enjoy who I’m working for (and I can’t see that changing anytime soon) and I’m finding I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the system I’m working in."

"Well just do it", I said.

The dream turned into dismay. "I can’t", she said "because…."

There were numerous reasons that followed the 'because'… my kids are still at school so I still need a secure income...I can’t afford to jeopardise my super…what happens if it doesn’t work and I have trouble finding another job….

The yearning to be one’s own boss is a common aspiration for many people I deal with – clients, friends, family. Equally common is the response that 'I can’t/couldn’t do it'.

I have also helped and coached (both formally and informally) many to make the leap from employee to business owner or self-employed. To see them succeed and flourish has been a rewarding experience.

This year marks my 22nd year in my consulting business. And I haven’t looked back – not for one day. My motivation to take this leap was driven by a deep desire to:

  • Control my own Destiny
  • Design the Life I Want
  • Be my own Boss
  • Make Money

which I have and continue to do.

I know this isn’t the path for everyone HOWEVER if you have these dreams and desires maybe it’s time to put your energies into making them a reality.

Here’s a few things to help you…

With the new financial year upon us, it may well be timely to review your 2021/2022 year and set your goals for the next year. The SET YOUR COMPASS WORKBOOK can help you review where you are at with your goals and aspirations and set, refine, or reset your goals for 2022.23. Go HERE to get your FREE complimentary copy. 

I’ve packaged my learnings and insights from setting up my own consulting business into an online course. In this course, the Consulting Business Compass Course,  I share with you the practical learnings, lessons, tools and resources that will help you navigate your way to being your own boss by setting up and succeeding in your own consulting business. SIGN UP NOW for this limited FREE offer.

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