5 Surprising Ways to Develop More Confidence confidence leadership performance resilience Nov 15, 2022

We all look for a little extra confidence when we’re trying to establish ourselves in our jobs, social life, or when we go out on a first date. Confidence affects our lives in many important...

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Let Your Vision be Your Compass control your destiny Aug 01, 2022

Dreams can definitely come to fruition. Drawing on my own experience, having a vision of what you want to do 'in' and 'with' your life and why you want to do it, is your compass - it guides...

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Destined to ? control your destiny Jul 18, 2022

'Control your own Destiny' - sure it may be a well used 'cliche' headlining programs and literature on personal development and enrichment. Regardless, it is, for many, a holy...

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Look What Adam Did! be your own boss Jul 12, 2022
  • Are you inspired by Adam's courage to change the course of his work and life?

  • Are you driven by the desire to control your destiny?

Here’s a few things to help you put your desire...

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To Be or Not To Be! be your own boss Jul 08, 2022

I was working through goals and aspirations with one of my executive coaching clients recently. When we delved deeper into her ‘dreams’ – her dream was to escape the...

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Self Talk in Pressure Situations confidence Mar 01, 2022

Stress. Pressure. The hot seat. Whatever you call it we have all been there. Did you know that the self-talk you use to talk to yourself can affect the way you deal with pressure? We all want to be...

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